Telephone, tele-fax services

If participand demands can grind down the phone line. This services limited with capasity of the central applications will be evaluates according to the demands date. It paid 150 Euro advance before the fair. The interview cost will be countted after the fair and the 150 Euro advance shall be deducted from the bill.

Additional electric consumption

YAGMUR FUARCILIK stipulates to each participant stands to give a three-pin plug, a spot light for each 3 square meters. Each participant has a right to use 1 kilowatt free energy for each 3 square meters. In condition of exceeding these limits, the consumed energy will be paid by the company after calculating at the end of the fair. 

Stand cleanup

YAGMUR FUARCILIK is responsible of general cleanup of fair area. Internal cleanup of stands will belong to the participant company.

Extra stand materials

All extra stand materials (all extra display materials and equipments, tables, chairs, fridge, furniture like locked compartments) which will be used in the fair can be supplied by the participant itself. Participant companies may also benefit from Fuar Dizayn extra stand materials services paying in return. Extra stand materials are rented to the participant during the fair and must be delivered back to Fuar Dizayn undamaged and accurately after the fair. Prices of materials will be paid to Fuar Dizayn with list price.


Fuar Dizayn contact information

Person concerned: Necmi Demirezen

Tel: +90 212 672 93 93

Fax: 0212 672 38 85


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